Yes, You CAN Go Hiking in Hong Kong

Contrary to popular belief, Hong Kong is not just about buildings, skyscrapers, and designer shopping. While that may hold a lot of truth to it, that is definitely not the entire truth about Hong Kong. It’s similar to how people tend to equate an Amsterdam holiday with enjoying weed; while there is a grain of truth to it, it also tends to forget the bigger picture.

In the case of Hong Kong, you can also go hiking here. You might find that hard to believe, but as soon as you’re done being surprised, check out these tips for hiking which will surely be of great help to you. These tips will come in handy for your upcoming Hong Kong vacation.

Three Tips for Hiking in Hong Kong

Tip #1:

You don’t have to travel far. The hike trails in Hong Kong are all very accessible, just like in your Amsterdam city trip. You could just take the MTR to Quarry Bay and start walking to the Windy Gap Road, then either go uphill to Mount Butler and follow the Wilson Trail or you walk downhill to the Tai Tam Reservoir. Or you could just hop on the ferry to explore Lamma, Peng Chau or Cheng Chau islands.

Tip #2:

Fancy equipment IS NOT the name of the game when hiking in Hong Kong. Just make sure to wear weather-appropriate clothing (don’t wear cotton, it will be too heavy and once it’s wet it will be uncomfortable) and a comfortable pair of shoes (a good pair of trainers will do for most routes). Sun block and mosquito repellent might also be a good idea, depending on where you will be hiking.

Tip #3:

Whatever and wherever, it’s always best to be prepared. This means, first and foremost, that you know which trail you’ll be taking. You’ll need to know how long the hike is, so you can take sufficient water and food along. On most hikes you can replenish your food and water supply, but there are some occasions where it might not be that possible. So always take some cereal bar or dried fruit with you, in case you are running low on energy.